Sardinia Queer Short Film Festival 2013

Sardinia Queer Short Film Festival 2013

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The first Sardinian competition for short movies lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer themed!


Jury Prize: 2,000 €
Audience Prize: 500 €


USN | Festival is exclusively dedicated to short films lasting no longer than 30 minutes. Works of any genre and production will be accepted, among them:

  • documentary;
  • fiction;
  • classic animation and / or digital;
  • video clips;
  • video art.

Participation in the competition is free and open to everybody regardless of age and nationality. Each author can submit several works and participate in each section by filling out a registration form for each work submitted. The registration form and the call for works can be downloaded in this same website (

The works must be submitted in a sealed envelope with the heading “UNO SGUARDO NORMALE 2013 – FESTIVAL” to the administration of USN | Festival, at the:

Società Umanitaria – Cineteca Sarda
viale Trieste, 118 – C.A.P.: 09123
Deadline for submission of works: October 13, 2013
Full details on the festival and to participate in the competition on the official websites

ARC – Cultural Association organizes in Cagliari, since ten years, “Uno Sguardo Normale”, the film festival GLBT themed (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender), reaching in 2013, so, its tenth edition. For this reason the Association, together with the ARCinema circle (member of F.I.C.C. – Italian Federation of Film Societies) and the Students’ Association universitARC, thanks to the contributions of the City of Cagliari and ERSU – Regional Agency for the Right to Education, and the collaboration of the Società Umanitaria – Cineteca Sarda and F.I.C.C. – Italian Federation of Film Societies, decided to turn the film festival in a small Expo, which incorporates both an exhibition of featured movies and a real competition: the Sardinia Queer Short Film Festival, dedicated specifically to national and international short films lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and, in a word, queer themed.

“Uno Sguardo Normale” is proposed again this year – as it has been since its first edition in 2002 – to raise awareness throughout society, through the universal medium of cinema,on the the issues of sexual orientation and gender identity, and the necessity to achieve equal civil rights for all. Especially in recent years, dramatically marked in our country by acts of aggression and violence against homosexuals and transgenders, and a severe inability of politics to make effective legislative instruments against violence and supporting the recognition of the civil rights, ARC feels necessary to rise a voice against this resurgence of homophobia, racism and xenophobia in Italy, according to its character and own experienceas cultural association, student association and the circle of cinema amateurs.

USN | Festival: seven days, from Monday, November 25, until Sunday December 1st 2013, which will include six screenings of films (by national and international authors) products in recent years and a competition open to all short films (national and international ) participating in to the call for works. For the competition of short films (maximum duration: 30 ‘; categories: fiction, documentary, video art, video clips) a prize of € 2,000 wil be awarded to the winner by the jury of the festival and a further Audience Award of € 500, awarded by audience participating in to the festival during the seven days of the event.

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